Magnetic Alphabet Tiles for
Hands-On Learning Fun!

Spelling Power Magnetic Alphabet Tiles

Hands-On Learning Fun!

Your children will love learning phonics concepts and practicing spelling skills with Spelling Power’s Magnetic Alphabet Tiles. These sturdy letter tiles take the stress out of practice because mistakes are so easily corrected. This encourages learners to experiment with reading and spelling skills. Simply slide away one tile and insert another. Magnetic Alphabet Tiles are easy to move around on a magnetic surface, table, or desktop. Because they are magnetic they can even be used in the car! Have questions?

Girl building words with magnetic tiles

Victoria loves building words with these tiles.

Research-Based Learning

Spelling Power Magnetic Tiles have red vowels and blue consonants

Spelling Power Magnetic Tiles have red vowels and blue consonants.

Time and research proven, Montessori-style color-coding provides valuable visual clues and self-checking devices when your student forms words with the Magnetic Alphabet Tiles. Simply show your student how every syllable must have at least one vowel (red letter).

1" by 1 1/4" Tiles are perfectly sized for student individual and small group work as well as teacher demonstration. All letters have the same consistent baseline so letters will line-up when forming words.

Versatile Learning Resource

While the Magnetic Alphabet Tiles are designed to be used with the Spelling Power program’s skill-building activities, they can be used profitably with any spelling or beginning reading program. You will find suggested activities for using your Magnetic Alphabet Tiles included in the package. Additional activities for their use are found in the Spelling Power manual and in the Spelling Power Activity Task Card Box.

Two sisters doing activities

These sisters both enjoy using Spelling Power's research-based learning activities.

Grows With Your Student

Spelling Power Magnetic Tiles come in a handy no-spill storage box

Spelling Power Letter Tiles are shown here in their optional spill-proof container. (photo by Victoria Sylvester)

The Spelling Power Magnetic Alphabet Tiles come in a handy 32-compartment, no-spill box. You can purchase additional sets of tiles without the storage box or even additional boxes below.

Spelling Power’s Magnetic Alphabet Tiles include more letters and punctuation than any other magnetic tiles available. Your set contains 2 - 8 of each lowercase letter and 1 - 3 of each uppercase letter. Blank spaces, hyphens and apostrophes are also included in this set to allow your students to form contractions and different types of compound words. 192 tiles in all!

Spelling Power Magnetic Letter Tiles are proudly Made in the USA!

192 - 1 x 1-1/4" Magnetic Alphabet Tiles
Red Uppercase and Lowercase Vowels
Blue Uppercase and Lowercase Consonants
Blank Tiles, Apostrophes, and Hyphens Included!
More Tiles Than Any Other Set of Tiles!

Also Available

Additional sets of Spelling Power's Magnetic Alphabet Tiles in a handy re-sealable plastic bag (without the storage box) are available. These complete sets of the 192 tiles, as described above, come in a re-sealable storage bag. Use them as separate student sets of tiles; use them in your own storage container; or add them to the Spelling Power's Magnetic Tiles boxed set for larger student group word study and games.

Spelling Power Magnetic Tiles

Sheets of letter tiles are die-cut for ease in separating your tiles. (photo by Victoria Sylvester)

Purchase a set of Magnetic Alphabet Tiles in a handy zip lock storage for $29.95


Answers to your Questions

How many letter tiles are there of each letter?

ANSWER: This kit contains a total of 192 letters and symbols. They are broken down as follows: Red Vowels: 12 of each Blue Consonants: 9 each


Approximately how many of each letter fit in the box?

ANSWER: About 20 letters can fit into each compartment.


What is the case made of? Is it cardboard, metal, or plastic material?

ANSWER: The case is made of formed plastic.